This project was published in 2020 (April, 25) by fap at the address There is also an instructions booklet in pdf format composed by some QR codes to link users to the website. The author used in this project some languages as css glitch text, text animation with css keyframe, found-poems from the command line execution, git instructions, cucumber steps feature and gherkin with js.

fap is freelance journalist, visual poet, essayist, author of code poems (2010), asemic cinema (since February 2016), visual poetries, asemic writing, glitch poems, asemic-glitch writing, failure writing, abc asemic book. In 2010 he became a member of the literary movement called New Page-Narrativa in store, that was founded in 2009 by Francesco Saverio Dòdaro. Since March 2013 he is the director of New Page. In April 2011 he founded the group of artistic protest called Contrabbando Poetico and in 2014, with Cristiano Caggiula, the magazine